How do I take a screenshot?

To take a screenshot, press PrtScn = Windows captures the entire screen and copies it to the (invisible) clipboard.

Where can I find that key?

PrtScn | ScrLk | Pause Look for this group of keys at the upper right of your keyboard. Note: Print Screen (PrtScn) might have been abbreviated differently on your keyboard.

How do I take a screenshot of a single window?

hold down Alt and press PrtScr = Windows captures only the currently active window and copies it to the clipboard.


I guess it’s in the clipboard now. How can I paste it into a document or something?

hold down Ctrl and press V = Windows pastes the screenshot (that is in the clipboard) into a document or image you are currently editing.


Where should I paste it? I just need a (graphics) file.

  1.     Start “Paint”
  2.     Paste
  3.     Save


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